Creating a Windows Phone 7 Metro Style Pivot Application [Part 1]

Note: It has been noted that this screencast and part 2 more closely follow how to create a Panorama style application than a Pivot style application. I hope to fix that in the next part to this series - sorry for the confusion.

I just posted a screencast showing how to create a basic Windows Phone 7 application that follows the Pivot style of navigation using Blend. This first screencast should be good enough to get most people by until more official Pivot and Navigation templates or controls are available (assuming they will be). I will be posting a second part of this screencast which will show off how you can do the gesture based navigation as well later in the week.

click here to go to Vimeo and watch in HD

Please stay tuned for part two, and please give me some feedback if this is useful to you. I think the screencast format might help me be able to blog more often, so please let me know what you think.


This is the best of the three versions of this I have seen so far. Good Job. If MS release HUB and Pivot control's their still may need to be viable alternative versions as well.

Sorry for the unrelated comment but I am desperate for a solution. I have a simple app based on ur pivot control, and on one grid I have a list box. Now this list box item source is XML data returned by a service I haven't implemented yet. Is there any way I can test my app with a mock XML file on my local machine. If not, what is my other alternative


You can embed an XML file into your project, set its type to 'Resource', and then create a mock class that opens that embedded XML file and returns it's contents.

Here is an example of reading the contents of an embedded XML file:
StreamResourceInfo sr = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri(xmlFile, UriKind.Relative));
string fullXML = new StreamReader(sr.Stream).ReadToEnd();

You should refer to this forum for more Silverlight related questions:

Thank you