Second Phase of the Reboot of SmartyPantsCoding.com

This weekend I rolled out large parts of the second phase of the reboot of SmartyPantsCoding.com. This time around the primary changes all centered around the homepage. You'll notice now that the homepage of SmartyPantsCoding.com serves as a central hub to all of my creations (apps, games, etc.) I have out in the wild. The homepage also teases the last two blog entries, with the full blog now residing at SmartyPantsCoding.com/blog.

You'll notice the new homepage is also built as a responsive layout, so it should look great on any device at any size - something I'm pretty excited about. There are some issues left, specifically around the background and how it scales on iOS and HP Touchpad tablets, but expect that to be fixed in the coming days.

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One of the other changes I made was to rename my Youtube channel from SmartyPantsGaming to SmartyPantsCoding as part of my ongoing efforts to consolidate everything under one roof. Unfortunately, the only way to do this was to close the old account and open a new one. I plan on investing a good bit more time in creating video based content going forward, so it was best to tackle this now before I get started. Please take a minute and subscribe to my new channel, there will be new video content being added later this week.

There are a bunch of smaller tweaks that were rolled out as well - you may notice a few of them while looking around. The relaunch of the product-centered homepage was the primary focus for this phase. While I still have a long backlog of things I plan on improving on SmartyPantsCoding.com, the main changes to the overall site structure are done at this point. You'll see new features rolling in over the coming months - but for now, the main focus is to get back creating great content for readers like you - stay tuned!