Matchingo Ported to Facebook

Matchingo (which was released almost 5 months ago - gasp!) has now been ported to Facebook!

Michael Urvan, a member of the Atlanta Silverlight Meetup, took the initiative to add on to the Matchingo codebase and make it integrate with Facebook. Matchingo high scores are now saving, and the high scores list can be filtered to show the leaderboards across all of Facebook, or just your own friends.

I am very stoked about these changes. I have been saying for a while now that global leaderboards in games are useless - I'm lucky if I'm in the top 25,000 users in most Xbox 360 leaderboards. Being able to see your scores against only your friends makes the game a lot more fun than if it were just one big board.

I hope to have Michael's changes added into the codebase on Codeplex soon. In the mean time, check out his blog entry on the port, and get out there and play against your friends!


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