Please Vote for my Mix 2010 Session!

Developing Without Limitations

The voting for the Open Call entries for Mix 2010 sessions is now open, and I would love to have your vote! The title of the session is Developing Without Limitations, although if I had to rename it I would probably rename it something like 'Developing Outside the Box'. You can expect this session to cover a handful of topics I've briefly covered on this blog including Thinking Outside the Box - Using Programatic Animations in Silverlight and Street Fighter Style UI Compositing With Prism - mostly we'll be tackling new ways to approach new UI's in Silverlight and WPF.

Here is the session abstract:

As developers, we do well working within the comfortable framework of the technology platforms that are available to us. But with new platforms like WPF and Silverlight, developers need to learn how to think outside the box when it comes to creating engaging and cutting edge experiences. How can we use new presentation layer technologies to create more engaging applications? How can we as developers help move away from the traditional battleship grey applications and create more modern, engaging, and interactive applications?

Drawing on Roger’s recent experience leveraging Silverlight technology, this presentation provides insights on how developers can learn to think without limitations. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how strategy, creative and technology can work together to maximize the potential of the digital medium.

While you're voting, check out my coworker's session Lighting Up With Blend, and thanks for your consideration!