Quick Overview Video of MonoTouch for C# Devs

I've been heads down coding the last few months. From writing Word Search Little Books for Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, and iPad/iPhone, to now porting an old personal favorite to iOS (more on that soon enough) - I've been too busy doing to share how I've been doing it.

After spending some time last year looking at cross-platform mobile solutions, I decided that Xamarin's MonoTouch was the best route for cross-platform mobile development - and it has been great. I wanted to take a few quick minutes to show my fellow .Net devs that they can (and should) develop for iOS/Android using their existing C# knowledge (and code) with MonoTouch and Mono for Android.

Quick 15 minute walk-through of MonoTouch

Please let me know if this video was useful to you. I'm considering doing a larger more in-depth series on MonoTouch development if there's any interest - I would love to share more with others who might be interested.