Getting Started with Adobe Brackets

Adobe Brackets is an open source editor for open standard web languages (html/css/js/less/etc). It is totally free, and is a pretty exciting editor to try out. While Adobe says the editor isn't quite ready yet for prime-time, it can be a great tool if you are looking for a free open standards editor for web development. Written itself in html/css/js/less, Adobe Brackets aims to be incredibly extensible and is looking to build a community of contributors through GitHub.

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First Phase of the Reboot of SmartyPantsCoding.com

I'm very happy to report that today I've deployed the first set of changes for the reboot of SmartyPantsCoding.com. The changes pushed today are a first step towards a larger set of changes coming to this site in the future. I have quite a list of changes that remain (some of which I'm very excited about) but I wanted to get the new theme rolled out so that I can get back to blogging on the work I'm doing. This site will remain primarily a blog, but expect other sections to appear later focused around promoting the various creations I have out in the wild.

One of the main things you'll notice today is a new overall look to the site. I built this new theme using CSS3 media-queries for a responsive layout, so the new theme should work well across all devices - something I'm pretty excited about. I'm looking forward to other pages being added in the next phase which will benefit from the responsive grid. This new theme is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap - a fun piece of kit. Getting the Twitter bootstrapper to play nice with Drupal wasn't the simplest, but thanks to the Lullabot Bootstrap theme it wasn't too bad.

The next big thing on the list is the new logo for Smarty Pants Coding. Gone is my awesome mug-shot, and in its place is an even more awesome caricature of my inner-coder. This new logo speaks a lot to me and who I am, so I hope you like it as much as I do. Expect to see this guy on all my work going forward. I'd like to give a big thanks to my friend Larry over at ecdesignco.com for doing the awesome illustration work.

Now that this first big update is out of the way, I'm looking forward to having a place once again to blog about my various coding adventures. I have a handful of projects that are on my list, and a growing list of ideas for content around web development, mobile development, and other surrounding topics - I plan to get back to releasing new content soon.

If you find any issues in using the new site, please send them in through the contact link on the about page, or over on Twitter. In the mean time, I have some THPS HD to catch up on.