Imagewind Now Available on iTunes App Store

I am very excited to announce that Imagewind has been released today for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You can download Imagewind from the iTunes App Store, or check out Imagewind.net for more details. Imagewind in the iTunes App Store is rated for ages 17+.

Official promo video for Imagewind on iPad and iPhone

This is essentially the re-birth of Imagewind. After Imagewind was banned from Windows Phone I became quite disheartened that it would never again see the light of day in today's marketplace-based distribution networks. You see, Imagewind is a bit risque - it displays unfiltered images from Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr - and some people post some crazy things to those social networks. What's neat about this sort of re-birth of Imagewind is that it largely shares a similar code base to the original Silverlight and Windows Phone versions - thanks to Xamarin MonoTouch. Given how intense this app is in it's processing and image displaying, I think it is quite a testament to that platform.

What I like about Imagewind isn't the bad things you may see, but the real-ness of what you see. There is nothing closer to reality-TV in an app than Imagewind. You can see what people are eating for lunch, while at the same time see photos from sporting events or war-torn countries. I actually found out about the earthquake in Japan in 2011 while watching Imagewind at 1am. That's also how I found out about Brittany Murphy's death in 2009. It becomes obvious when world events are happening, because that's what people are sharing photos of on social networks. Good recent examples to watch have been Obama's inauguration and the Super Bowl a few weeks ago.

There's something special about being able to visually watch world events unfold through photos people share. Some people when they see Imagewind for the first time say "hrm, that's cool", and then move on. While others watch it, and can see how engaging visualizing social exchanges around the world can be. I hope you'll try it out! Find download links and more at Imagewind.net.

IPhone Style Drag and Push Panel in Silverlight

I've been doing a bit of work at the new job on some custom panels relative to our project. In doing the work we have been talking a lot about the iPhone's main launcher panel and how the iPhone implements dragging and reordering of icons on the screen. I wanted to take what I have learned in working on those custom panels and apply it to actually recreating the iPhone's implementation - you can find what I came up with here: