Blend Gets 3rd Party Intellisense and Kaxaml Gets an Update

If you've been following Nerd Plus Art (which you should be doing) you'll notice a few recent blog posts of interest.

First off, intellisense can now be had in Expression Blend - you can find the full rundown here. I still can't believe it even took this long for intellisense to come. The response was always to the effect that the XAML editor in Blend wasn't meant to be a full scale editor, or that the intent of Blend was to use the UI and not manually edit the XAML, etc. - but none of those excuses really held much water. Could you imagine if Dreamweaver only let you use the UI to create HTML and not manually edit it with common editor abilities without using another application? In any event, I can't wait to get this up and running.

Next, Robby spent the whole weekend showing the development of a little app called 'ThoughtBox' from start to finish beta - and best of all, all the source is provided for you to break apart and learn from. The series chain begins with this entry, and the latest update with code can be found here - be sure to checkout the entries in between for some insight into his wireframe mockups, etc.

Finally, he updated Kaxaml to support the latest Silverlight 2 beta, and you can see that blog entry here.

As for me, I am still hacking along in my WPF journey, and even getting a chance to do some real WPF work in an ongoing project at work (w00t!). Updates like these make me wish I had more hours in the day..