WPF Resource Monitor XAML Mockup

Every once in a while I'll get an idea for something I wish I had time to create. Today I did some searches for a resource monitor for my home server. I didn't want anything fancy, just something which showed resource usage at a glance and looks good. I didn't find much. It seems most performance monitors are commercial packages aside from Perfmon which ships with Windows.

In any event, I wanted to quickly mockup what I was thinking in XAML. I put it together in under an hour by hand in kaxaml. It has a lot of duplication since it was just a quick hackup, but it served its purpose. I'm posting the XAML just as much for me to refer to as for anyone who might gain anything from it.

In the mean time I did manage to hackup a 2 progress bar resource display to run on my server for now, it was really easy using System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter. I mostly just wanted to show I was still kicking ;)

WPFResourceMonitor.xaml24.12 KB


what i posted was just a quick hackup of some xaml.. i did do a single column cpu/mem monitor in C# and WPF and it stayed around 10-15% just running the app.. so im not sure its a very practical idea.. im guessing something more complicated like what i hacked up would take up even more usage..